Archived: Governance and Regulation Seminar – Luke Moffat, Joe Deville, Catherine Easton – Lancaster University (Security Node)

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Wednesday 8th June 2022, 2pm

TAS-S and National Highways: Creative Methods for Collaboration

Abstract: As the complexities of autonomous systems (AS) rapidly amplify. As part of the Security node, our research strand is collaboration with organisations to co-create ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) guidance in working with autonomous systems developers, legislators, and users. In this talk we summarise some recent work with National Highways, in relation to their growing focus on autonomous systems across diverse public and private domains. In particular, we highlight some of the creative and arts based methods that can help open spaces for critical and circumspect reflection on difficult and multifaceted issues around things like public engagement, third party contacting, and customer protection. We conclude with some initial insights from this work and their potential wider relevance for governance.