This node will explore how to devise a framework for the regulation of autonomous systems – to help them respond to complexities of the world they function in.

Introducing the Node – our Introduction Report is now available to read, download and circulate!

In order for autonomous systems to become trustworthy, we will need frameworks of informal and formal governance that must be co-designed with the systems themselves. Our Node will explore the design of frameworks for responsibility and accountability, and tools to help the ecosystem of developers and regulators embed these values in systems.

Our Node brings together computer science and AI specialists, legal scholars, AI ethicists, as well as experts in science and technology studies and design ethnography. Together, we are developing a novel software engineering and governance methodology that includes:

  • New frameworks that help bridge gaps between legal and ethical principles (including emerging questions around privacy, fairness, accountability and transparency) and an autonomous systems design process that entails rapid iterations driven by emerging technologies (including, e.g. machine learning in-the-loop decision making systems)
  • New tools for an ecosystem of regulators, developers and trusted third parties to address not only functionality or correctness, but also questions of how systems fail, and how one can manage evidence associated with this to facilitate better governance.
  • Evidence base from full-cycle case studies of taking autonomous systems through regulatory processes, as experienced by our partners, to facilitate policy discussion regarding reflexive regulation practices.

New paper from Node Co-I @pillrabbit @SussCIGR:

Pheh Hoon Lim, Phoebe Li, Artificial intelligence and inventorship: patently much ado in the computer program, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, Volume 17, Issue 4, April 2022, Pages 376–386.

U.S. Department of Commerce appoints 27 members to National AI Advisory Committee. The appointments are the first for the recently established committee, created in response to the National AI Initiative Act of 2020.


Great session just now including good qns on what AI offers people as they get older and the role of co-design. Chaired by @sramamoorthy @EdinburghUni with Jo Turnbull, Cara Wilson and @LucyMccloughan & Sohan Seth @acrcedincare @DesignInf #ScotAISummit @acrcedincare

These are the kinds of policy decisions that will need to be discussed and clarified as more of these autonomous systems come to be deployed at scale”
“Mercedes will accept legal responsibility for accidents caused by its self-driving cars”


Trust Me, I’m a Robot! Meet our team, ask questions & try out interactive demos exploring robots & trust at our public event on 7 May 22, hosted at @wethecurious_ in Bristol. Find out more👉https://t.co/9jAQyidRUp