This node will explore how to devise a framework for the regulation of autonomous systems – to help them respond to complexities of the world they function in.

Introducing the Node – our Introduction Report is now available to read, download and circulate!

In order for autonomous systems to become trustworthy, we will need frameworks of informal and formal governance that must be co-designed with the systems themselves. Our Node will explore the design of frameworks for responsibility and accountability, and tools to help the ecosystem of developers and regulators embed these values in systems.

Our Node brings together computer science and AI specialists, legal scholars, AI ethicists, as well as experts in science and technology studies and design ethnography. Together, we are developing a novel software engineering and governance methodology that includes:

  • New frameworks that help bridge gaps between legal and ethical principles (including emerging questions around privacy, fairness, accountability and transparency) and an autonomous systems design process that entails rapid iterations driven by emerging technologies (including, e.g. machine learning in-the-loop decision making systems)
  • New tools for an ecosystem of regulators, developers and trusted third parties to address not only functionality or correctness, but also questions of how systems fail, and how one can manage evidence associated with this to facilitate better governance.
  • Evidence base from full-cycle case studies of taking autonomous systems through regulatory processes, as experienced by our partners, to facilitate policy discussion regarding reflexive regulation practices.

TAS Conversations | AI in the Skies
08 Feb | 12:20 – 13:30 | Online

Feat. @SharonKindleysides @ciltuk, John Jost @Boeing, + Prof Jim Scanlan @UoSEngineering

Book: https://t.co/4dkSkpZZQD
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Ram Ramamoorthy @sramamoorthy will join a panel of experts who will ponder on who is to blame when Artificial Intelligence goes wrong, as part of @scienceatlife’s Science Speakeasy on Artificial Stupidity, taking place 9th Feb (tickets are now sold out).
➡️https://t.co/UhbSYaFgd8 https://t.co/XHm8a9YjE6

We’re excited to partner with the @UKRobotics #DrawARobot competition, which challenges #KS1 children (5-7yrs) to draw a robot they’d like to see in the future!

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Event announcement: Masterclass in Swarm, Soft & Aerial Robotics – Future technologies for logistics, manufacturing & smart infrastructure
When: 19 April 23
Where: Bristol Robotics Lab
Info/Apply:👉 https://t.co/LHmWSg3LIQ
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We are also hiring a PDRA to investigate the feasibility of proportionate, risk-based adaptable regulation of AI systems as envisaged in the recent UK government consultation…